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On Thursday 25th May 2017, at 12pm RAF Wittering will be conducting a parade in order to exercise their Freedom of Stamford.

Parade Route:

1200 Start at Star lane.

1201 Continue onto Broad Street.

1203 Stop at the war memorial for the inspection.

1210 Fly past.

1227 – 1232 The Mayor will address the parade.

1238 VIP’s to be guided to Dais on High Street (via Ironmonger Street).

1238 Parade will march back to Star Lane.

1241 Parade will march down High Street.

1243 Parade will be dismissed.

Permission to enter a town is a mark of trust and confidence from the town fathers, and to be granted the freedom of a town is the greatest honour that can be bestowed on a military unit.

ENDS 15 May, 2017

CONTACT: Mark Murtagh, Civic Officer, Tel 01780 753808



Further to Stamford Town Council’s Annual Council Meeting and Mayor Making on May 4th 2017, the following was confirmed for 2017-2018 :-

Mayor of Stamford – Councillor Anthony J. Story (Tony)

Mayoress – Mrs Valerie Story

Deputy Mayor – Councillor Max Sawyer

Deputy Mayoress – Mrs Audrey Sawyer

The Mayor’s charities for the year are:

Stamford Young Peoples Charity (Desforges Fund)

Friends of Stamford Hospital

The Royal Air Forces Association



The Annual Stamford Town Meeting will be held on Monday 20 March at 7pm in the Town Hall. This is not a Council meeting. It is called by the Mayor (the Chairman of the Council) to provide an overview of Town Council activities and achievements during the preceding year and to outline future Council aims and objectives.

Residents of Stamford Parish are encouraged to attend this important meeting as there will be discussion on important items such as Lincolnshire County Council not cutting the amenity verges in Stamford and vehicles parking on the verges to the entrance of the Town will be some of the topics on the agenda. In addition residents have an excellent opportunity to express views and ask questions about Stamford issues that concern them.



Limited edition items for sale! 

For sale! Limited edition copies of a James I charter dating from 1622 allowing the alderman and council the right to make the River Welland navigable, and to charge fees for its usage and fishing activities.

Each copy comes with a A3 size translation. Copies are posted in a cardboard postal tube for protection. Prices are £29.50 if purchased directly from the Town Hall, or £35 if posted within the UK.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy please email us at Or telephone 01780 753808


Stamford residents to air views on proposed merger

The people of Stamford will have the opportunity to express their views and ask questions about the proposed merger between Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals and Hinchingbrooke Hospital this week. A public engagement event will take place in the New Meeting Hall at Stamford Hospital at 10am on Thursday 4 August.                                                                                                              

The trusts that manage the hospitals have signed a memorandum of understanding which sets out their agreement to work together to develop a Full Business Case recommending the merger of the two hospital trusts on 1 April 2017.                                                                                                  

Refreshments will be served on arrival. If driving, please use the Ryhall Road entrance for easy access to the New Meeting Hall. For further information about this event, please call the Communications Office on 01733 678024 or visit: