Stamford Neighbourhood Plan

Stamford’s Neighbourhood Plan will enable the towns’ residents to shape the development of Stamford over the next two decades without loss of its special and distinctive character.

The Plan seeks to ensure that Stamford’s defining assets, as an historic and vibrant rural market town and tourist destination, are retained and enhanced and that Stamford’s important heritage assets and precious green spaces are protected.

In order to harness the town’s growth potential, the plan will ensure appropriate improvements to infrastructure and services and enable all sections of the community to enjoy a sustainable way of life.

Under the Localism Act, Town and Parish Councils (rather than the Local Planning Authority) now have a discretionary power to prepare their own plan, which, if adopted, becomes part of the Statutory Development Plan.

The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan became a statutory planning document on 25 July 2022, carrying real weight which decision makers must take into account in local planning decisions and will help shape and influence the South Kesteven District Council’s Local Plan.

Information about the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan is available at: