Agendas and Minutes

A schedule of Committee meetings for 2024-25 can be accessed HERE 

All files are in PDF format; if you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader then you can download it by clicking here.

The most recent minutes and agendas of  Full Council, Committees and the Harry Skells Trust are available below.

  Minutes and agendas for other years are available by contacting the Town Clerk on 01780 753808. 

Full Council

To review and approve as necessary the decisions made by the other Committees. Full Council meetings are formal events and have a clear purpose – to make decisions – and are not just forums for debate. They are public events that the press and public have a right to attend and to see how the council operates.

Finance & Governance

The overall responsibility of the management of the Council’s financial affairs in accordance with legislative requirements, regulations and guidelines.

Scrutiny & Audit

This committee has now been dissolved


The primary function of the Planning Committee is to examine, make comment and recommendation to the District Council on planning applications within the Parish and surrounding neighbourhood of Stamford.


The duties for this Committee were subdivided in May 2023, please see below.

Strategic Development

This committee has now been dissolved.

Civic & Community Committee

To develop, budget and manage the administration of the following Council events: Stamford Christmas Festival, Christmas Lights and Switch-on event, Carol Singing at the Bandstand, Senior Citizen’s concert, Arts & Craft traders on a Friday, Spooktacular Event in October and any other events as they arise.

Harry Skells Trust

To oversee the management of the Harry Skells Estate Trust, constituted under the will of the late Harry Skells of Stamford and the income of the Trust derived from the original endowment fund under this will. All current Town Councillors are Members of the Trust, meetings are held three times a year.

Climate & Environment Committee

Climate Action was set up on 26th February 2020 and comprises a wide cross-section of concerned Stamford residents and business representatives as well as the Mayor, Town, District and County Councillors. They help to manage and reduce Stamford's carbon footprint, implementing as many initiatives as possible that support the objective of the group. The group was made into a Committee in May 2023.

Heritage & Collections Committee

The Committee has delegated powers to: Oversee the management of the Town Hall Collections and development of the museum.

Amenities - Cemetery and Allotments

This Committee has now been dissolved

Amenities - Sports Fields and Open Spaces

This Committee has now been dissolved

Assets & Services Committee

The primary function of this Committee is to monitor the management of Town Council's Assets & Services