Stamford Museum

Stamford Museum had been previously located in a Victorian building in Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire and was run by Museum services of Lincolnshire County Council.  Those services were closed in 2011 and a new Museum is currently being established in the Town Hall on St. Mary’s Hill, Stamford and supported by Stamford Town Council. 

Stamford Museum will be dedicated to enhancing education and documenting the diverse cultural heritage of the Stamford people through the collection preservation and exhibition of art objects. The Museum, when established, will recognise the past and embrace the future as a collaborator and catalyst for the transformation of individuals and the community through art. The Museum will actively cultivate the use of its interior and exterior facilities both as cultural resources for its residents through the continued expansion of its permanent collection, the creative development and expansion of exhibitions and providing educational outreach to the community at large.

Within the Town Hall there is an extensive anthology of stories, archives and exhibits, which are available to see. So why not take advantage of a free guided tour! Click here for details