Engaging with your Local Council

Value of becoming a Councillor

Becoming a local Town Councillor is not like an ordinary job. Rather, a service to the community. A Town Councillor is essentially a volunteer who will be held accountable to the local public for the decisions taken. There are around 20,000 local councillors in England, representing their community for different reasons and interests. The best part of being a councillor is that one can make a difference in the community. The role offers one the avenues to help influence change. Helping to resolve problems for your electorate is very satisfying. Offering expertise and talents all help to move projects forward. Being a councillor is a unique opportunity to help serve your local community through ways that are rewarding.

See more on becoming a Councillor by downloading and reading this article by the Local Government Association  

Value of participating in local elections

Voting in local council elections enables one to have a say on how the services in your local community are managed, and how your local community adapts and changes itself for the future.


All Town Councillors either live or work in Stamford or within a three mile radius of the Parish. Talk to your Ward Councillors share your interests and concerns. The Town Council has a Public Forum at each of its meetings offering the opportunity for the general public to raise any issues they may wish to be addressed. In addition there is an Annual Town Meeting in March for residents to express their views on the activities of the Town Council and a further public meeting held in November to discuss the budget and precept.

Given there are less voters in a Town Council election than at a national election, the individual power of a vote is far greater. As such, Town Council elections present a unique opportunity for your voice to be heard louder and clearer in how you want your community shaped.

Get involved!

There are many ways you can participate and support your Town Council, you can help on Working Groups or volunteering during events, or even learning more about the Town’s history and become a Town Hall tour guide!