Harry Skells Estate Trust

The Charity

The Harry Skells Estate Trust is constituted under the will of the late Harry Skells of Stamford and the income of the Trust is derived from the original endowment fund under this will.

The objectives of the Charity are:
  • The provision of parks and recreation grounds for the use, benefit and advantage of the inhabitants of Stamford.
  • The improvement of streets and roads within Stamford.
  • The improvement of the appearance, utility and amenity of buildings, walls, lamp posts, fences and other structures, parks, car parks, bus stations and other open spaces in Stamford.
The Charity is run by a board of Trustees who are the Councillors of Stamford Town Council under the chairmanship of the Town Mayor. All grant applications are considered on their merits and the availability of funds.

Any enquiries or applications for a grant from the Charity should be addressed to the Town Clerk of Stamford who is Clerk to the Charity. Her name, address and contact details are:

Mrs Patricia Stuart-Mogg, Town Clerk, Stamford Town Council, Town Hall, St Mary’s Hill, Stamford, PE9 2DR

Tel: 01780 753808

Application Forms and or an extract of the will of the late Harry Skells may be obtained from Stamford Town Hall or by clicking on the links below.