Stamford and the Great War by W.F. Markwick

After the end of the war, W.F. Markwick compiled a detailed account of the events and the impact of the conflict on Stamford in his book Stamford and the Great War which was published by Dolby & Sons of High Street Stamford. The book is entitled “An authentic record of the war work of the Mayor and Mayoress and other inhabitants of the Ancient and Royal Borough of Stamford, with some account of the local conditions during the war period, 1914-1919” and is the most comprehensive account of the time.

Copies are available at £6 from or a 15mb pdf scan of the original text is available here Stamford and the Great War

The subject matter included is a follows:

 Foreword  3
 Britain at War   5
 Queen Mary's Guild and Hospital Supply Depot  9
 The Belgian Refugees 19 
 Red Cross Motor Ambulances 23 
 Lord Kitchener's Recruiting Letter 27 
 The Military Tribunal 28 
 The Volunteer Training Corps 30 
 Blankets for the Troops 32 
 American Troops 32 
 Zeppelins 35 
 The Aerodromes 38 
 New Chain of Office for Mayoress 40 
 The Daylight Saving Bill 42 
 An International Episode 43 
 Stamford in Darkness 47 
 The Defence Arrangements 50 
 Prisoners of War Fete 53 
 Prisoners of War 56
 "Feed the Guns" Week  60 
 Armistice Week 62 
 What the Elementary Schools Did 65 
 Food and Clothing 67
 Food Production 72 
 Military Sports 74 
 Peace Prolamation 75 
 Peace Celebrations 77 
 Honour for Mayor and Mayoress 80 
 Peace Dinner 81 
 Our Glorious Dead 85 
 Roll of Honour 87