Stamford WW1 Galleries

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Stamford and WW1 Gallery

comemmoration festival - soldiers life 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - at stamford war memorial 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - broad street 6am 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - civic procession 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - medical post 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - re-enactment - 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - re-enactment 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - re-enactors 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - stamford brass performance 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - stamford choral society 4-8-14.jpg
commemoration festival - vignette.jpg
commemoration festival marquee 4-8-14.jpg
education programme - new college stamford.jpg
event -space - education programme - rations.jpg
event space - belvoir wassailers 18-7-14.jpg
event space - education programme stamford cubs.jpg
event space - ink theatre cast 2-8-14.jpg
event space - ink theatre mudhook gunners 2-8-14.jpg
event space - installation view full.jpg
event space - intermezzo quartet 27-7-14.jpg
event space - music of the era - folk sing-around 19-7-14.jpg
event space - opening event 12-7-14.jpg
event space - outcomes from the education programme.jpg
event space - poetry competition winners - 17-7-14.jpg
event space - songs and the music hall of the era 1-8-14.jpg
event space - town hall display.jpg
event space - visitor july 2014.jpg
z commemoration festival - re-enactor at stamford war memorial 4-8-14.jpg
z commemoration festival - stamford stories 1914 vignette.jpg
z commemoration festival 4-8-14.jpg
z event space - education programme - re-enactment.jpg
z event space - education programme - schools workshop.jpg
z event space - education programme re-enactment.jpg
z event space - installation view left.jpg
z event space - installation view right.jpg
z event space - outcomes from the education programme (2).jpg
z event space - outcomes from the education programme (3).jpg
z event space - sketches of stamford 1914 detail.jpg
z event space - songs of the war - half cut bubbles 19-7-14.jpg
z event space - stories of stamford 1914 - sue shields.jpg
z event space - the build - wilds lodge school assists.jpg

Oral Histories and Artefacts Gallery

1918 diary - the war is over.jpg
1918 nurses diary january entry.jpg
a soldiers english to french phrases.jpg
bert savage - certificate of employment during wartime.jpg
bert savage - demobilisation certificate.jpg
bert savage - id and protection certificate on leave.jpg
bert savage - stamford certificate of appreciation.jpg
blackstones munition girls crop.jpg
bleriot aircraft at burghley.jpg
capt cp renouf - drawing.jpg
capt renouf - queen mary christmas box.jpg
charles papworth - exemption certificate.jpg
charles papworths ration card.jpg
death in action memorium certificates.jpg
jack allen letter 22-7-15.jpg
jack allen letter 6-7-5.jpg
lincolns regiment shell art.jpg
map of belgium.jpg
metal cigarette case with bullet hole.jpg
miss gertrude m peall - red cross certificate of appreciation.jpg
mouchoir dinstruction no 8 military instruction handkerchief.jpg
notification of death of pte h lincoln 1915.jpg
notification of wounding of pte h lincoln.jpg
oral histories at the town hall.jpg
oral histories lunch poster.jpg
oral histories roadshow 2.jpg
oral histories roadshow.jpg
oral history 6.jpg
oral history lunch 2014.jpg
order of the day - behaviour while awaiting demobilisation - eygptian expediationary force.jpg
postcard - belgiums honour bright.jpg
pte herbert burton 3rd lincs.jpg
pte w c burton 2nd yorks and lancs.jpg
rifleman ernest scrivener - letters of appreciation and condolence.jpg
royal engineers officers tunnelling mines rescue class 1916.jpg
sgt j swinson embroidery.jpg
sgt s corby - uniform jacket medals and photos.jpg
stamford certificate of service.jpg
trench art.jpg
trpr webb - demobilisation certificate.jpg
trpr webb - letter re employment 1918.jpg
ww1 stamford thursday football team.jpg
ww1 thinking of you postcard.jpg
ww1 trench art.jpg
ww1 trench compass.jpg
ww1 trench periscope.jpg
ww1 war service badges.jpg